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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Authentic Builders over your competitors?

Authentic Builders is small enough to offer personal service and large enough to offer volume discounts. We provide service after the sale and partner with national brand suppliers. We install only the highest quality products and provide exceptional workmanship on your building. We take pride in our process and strive to give you a better product for a reasonable price!
Our buildings are designed to withstand the snow and wind load requirements in the area that you wish to build.

Does the building pad need to be level?

At the very least the pad must be well-drained and within at least 8″ of level.  It is preferred that gravel be placed on your site to prevent mud and other debris from splashing up on your metal during the construction process. If your pad is more than 8″ out of level it could result in the foundation design not working and the post not being long enough to erect your building at the agreed to height. If you have any questions about your site please call us before we get there to build, this way we can remedy any site problems before construction.

Do you pour concrete?


Can you build my building over an existing pad of concrete?

Yes, however we will need to cut holes into the concrete for the placement of our posts.

Will your building meet my local building codes?

Yes, each building is designed for the area that it is to be built in.

Do I need to have electricity on my job site?

Yes unless it is impossible.  At that time, we will provide our own.

Can I purchase material from you?

Yes, give us a call we will be happy to provide you with the materials for your project!

Can I change my building during the construction process?

Yes, you can add lean-to’s, doors, windows or any other addition to your building during the construction process.

Why don't you offer a pre-priced list?

We are a custom builder. We specialize in constructing buildings that meet your needs. We do offer pricing on popular buildings and specials from time to time.



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